Business Registration

The business registration procedure is fast, easy and the service is free at the Business Registration Office within the municipality. Currently there are 3,400 Active Businesses registered in Gjakova municipality.

The business office within the municipality provides services for:

  • Registration of new businesses
  • Record changes to the business
  • Business closure requirements

The application is made in the municipal office of the Kosovo Business Registration Agency ARBK. Application forms are different depending on the type of business that citizens are willing to register; typically applied to individual businesses (BI), Limited Liability Company (JSC), and Joint Stock Company (JSC). The business registration procedure is easy and it takes one day, while the procedures for registering a JCC and JSC take two days.

Foreign investors can choose between several types of cooperation and partnerships for business development in the Republic of Kosovo and Gjakova in particular.

Foreign investors can choose between several types of cooperation and business development partnerships in the Republic of Kosovo and Gjakova in particular.

The nine categories of business organization defined by law are:

  1. Individual Business - With individual businesses, the owner has minimal liability for all debts of the organization. The organization has an official name or includes the legal surname of the owner, and this includes the abbreviation "BI" (IB).
  2. General Partnership - With general partnership, all partners are responsible for the debts of the organization with solidarity and without limitations. The collective organization has a name that may include the name of one of the partners, with the acronym "OP" immediately following it.
  3. Partnerships - Partnerships, with the exception of "unlimited" partners (partners who are liable without limitation and in solidarity with the company's debts), also include "limited" partners or those partners who are responsible for the obligations of the company until in the limits of the value of their contributions to equity. The partnership has a name, which may include the name of one or more partners, with the acronym "Sh.K.M" immediately following it.
  4. Limited Liability Companies (L.L.Cs) Limited Liability Companies are those organizations founded by one or more founders who are solely responsible for the level of their contribution and all assets. Limited Liability Companies has a name marking immediately after it the acronym "LLC". KBRA may register a limited liability company without the need to provide proof of capital payment.
  5. Joint Stock Companies (JSC) - Joint stock companies are those organizations whose capital is divided into shares and shareholders are solely responsible for the level of value of their contribution. The organization may be established and have one or more shareholders. There is a name behind the acronym "JSC". The amount of the charter capital of these organizations is at least 10,000 euros.
  6. Foreign company - A foreign company is a business organization and from the moment of registration is considered a branch in Kosovo that does not have the identity of a legal entity. After registration, it enjoys all the rights and obligations set forth therein in the applicable law. The name should read "Branch in Kosovo" ("KOSOVO BRANCH").
  7. Socially owned Enterprises - Socially-owned enterprise means a legal entity whose majority of assets and capital are socially owned. Until they are privatized, these enterprises are monitored and registered by the Privatization Agency of Kosovo under Law no. 02 / L-123 on Business Organizations.
  8. Public Enterprises - A public enterprise is an enterprise that performs activities of general interest, which is established by the state. The public enterprise is monitored by the Government and is organized as a Joint Stock Company in accordance with the applicable law on Business Organizations. All ownership interests in a public enterprise shall be represented by shares and all such shares must be registered.
  9. Agricultural cooperatives - Agricultural cooperatives are a business organization created by natural or legal persons all of whom must be farmers who contribute their private property in a joint venture. The agricultural cooperative has been established by at least five (5) farmers who are underwriters. A cooperative cannot be established without capital and cannot exist without capital. The capital is divided into shares of the same value with a minimum value of 10 Euro. The director cannot be a member of the cooperative. All of these can be seen in Law no. 2003/9 on Agricultural Cooperatives and Law no. 03 / L-004 amending the Law on Agricultural Cooperatives Nr. 2003/9.

At the state level, to assist interested Investors, Kosovo avails the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA) within the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which promotes and supports investment, export, tourism, SMEs and Special Economic Zones in the Republic of Kosovo.


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