Agricultural land

The Municipality of Gjakova is characterized by fertile soil lying along the tectonic expanse of the Dukagjini Plain which lies between the Mountains Bjeshkët e Nemuna, the Pashtrik, Mokra e Gores and Sharr Mountains, at altitudes of 360m to over 2650m above sea level. The valleys of the rivers Drini i Bardhë, Erenik, Krena, Trava and Trakaniqi, as well as some ravines, create plains in the Municipality of Gjakova, most of them with arable and very fertile land. Given these factors and the appropriate climate, agriculture represents a great development potential for the economy of the municipality. The agriculture of the Municipality of Gjakova has a great potential for development, based on the irrigation system and the tradition of the population engaged in agriculture. The food industry, which has operated in the past, has the potential to rebuild itself. In rural areas agriculture presents 70% of the source of livelihood pointing out that the Municipality of Gjakova has the largest number of villages with a total of 91ones in Kosovo. The percentage of land by its quality is: good soil: class I, II, III 40%; avarage soil: class IV, V 20%; poor soil: class V, VI 40%;

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