Geographical Position

Good geographic position, adequate infrastructure with great potential of skilled workers

The Municipality of Gjakova provides about 90% paved road infrastructure. It is bordered by 11 cross-border villages with Albania and has very fast access through three Border Points with Albania:

  • Border-point Qafa e Prushit in the south 12.3 KM
  • Border point Qafa e Morinës in the west 22.4 KM
  • Border-point Prizren 37 KM

There is a quick and easy access to neighboring countries and European countries. For more see the table below:


Gjakova is very rich in natural resources, fertile soil, favorable weather conditions and good geographical position. The Municipality of Gjakova is also rich in chromium. (Cr).

The city contains a series of monuments from its rich cultural past.

Gjakova has a significant number of lakes and rivers:

  • Radoniqi Lake,
  • Erenik River,
  • Drin I Bardhë River,
  • Krena River,
  • Trava and Lukac Rivers

Bridges such as:

  • Tërzive Bridge,
  • Tabaku Bridge,
  • Taliqi Bridge and
  • Fshajtë Bridge

Identified branches of tourism are Cultural Tourism and Mountain Tourism

  • Kunora Peak,
  • Kusari Caves 
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