Gjakova’s Highland

Gjakova’s Highland

Lays in the east of Albanian Alps in the Republic of Albania and it extends even beyond the border all the way to some settlements near Gjakova and Junik. Towards south it extends all the way to Fierza Lake. Until 1913 it consisted a compact entirety, which is connected economically, politically and culturally and in every other aspect, with Gjakova and its vicinity. The centers of historical tribes of Krasniqe, Gashi and Bytyçi were there, whose leaders were living in Gjakova.

In Albania it includes one administrative unit, one local community with the main center in Bajram Curr, with 7 municipalities and 70 villages, with around  42.824 inhabitants. It has a very beautiful nature with many contrasts, with a totally unpolluted environment, with rich folklore, characteristic food, rich and characteristic flora, with rivers with very clean water, small natural lakes in high altitudes, characteristic caves, with sharp mountain summits in form of crests, with mountainous valley like geo-parks, all these give this area high values for all sorts of summer and winter tourism, a suitable place for winter and summer sports, as well as for hunting and fishing.

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