Meyteps and Madrasas

Ruzhdije school from XIX century

Ruzhdija (pro-gymnasium or lower gymnasium) was established in Gjakova in 1867, as a state school in the spirit of reforms of Tanzimat, when other primary schools were established as well (iptidaije).
The first Albanian school was opened here in 1915-1918.
During the years 1918-1941 the Serb school was operating, whereas from 1941- 1944 the teaching was done in Albanian only. Starting from 1944 until before the last war, the teaching was carried out in Albanian and in Serbian.

The Grand Madrasah of 1707

It was an important center of religious Islamic education. It comprised of masjid, classrooms, teachers room, the library that was very rich with books and different manuscripts, inter alia, of its pedagogues, who were earlier pedagogues in the theological Faculty “Fatih” of Istanbul, the canteen, bedrooms for the students, fountain, etc. In 1912 it by converted by Montenegrin army into a horse stable, where the book sheets were laid to the horses instead of hay, and in 1999 it got totally burnt by Serb military, police and paramilitary forces. It got reconstructed with the financial assistance from the prince of Qatar.

The Small Madrasah of 1770

It was an important center of religious Islamic education. From architectural aspects it had all the necessary spaces for a school with college system. It had a library that was very rich with books and manuscripts. Even the writings of its founder, the known scholar Tahir Efendi Gjakova, who also wrote in Albanian with ottoman alphabet, were being stored there.

It was demolished by itself after the last war, and it will be reconstructed with the financial support of Turkey’s vakif.

The building of the School of Teachers in Gjakova

In 1942, in this building, the first School of Teachers, “Gjon Nikollë Kazazi” was established in Albanian, whereas after the World War II, in 1945, the pro-gymnasium in Albanian language was established. In 1946, in the same place, the first school of teachers in Albanian in former Yugoslavia was established, where Albanian pupils from all Albanian areas in former Yugoslav federation started their schooling. In 1967 the High Pedagogical School was established, the only higher education institution in Albanian language in former Yugoslavia.

The building was constructed with the financial help from citizens of Gjakova.

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