Çabrati Hill

Çabrati Hill

Presents an important cultural and historical monument where lots of armed battles took place throughout the history of Gjakova all the way to the last war of KLA, and also a recreational natural monument, where Gjakovars had fun throughout history. It is a symbol of the city of Gjakova that inspired many folk singers and writers, who dedicated a part of their artistic activity to it. The complex of cemeteries of the martyrs of KLA war is located in this place.

Restaurant ”Illiricum” is also located in this area with autochthonous ambience inside and outside, with local characteristic menu, where you will find an environment of a museum with archeological exhibits, such as a stalae from a grave of a Dardan prince, with an interesting numismatic collection, with a Gjakovar characteristic living room, a collection of emblems, starting from the ones from medieval Albanian principalities, all the way to the recent emblems of the Albanian state and Kosovo state and many other small surprises.

Categories: Trashëgimia

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