Ereniku river

Begins from the glacier lakes of Gjeravica and it flows out in the river Drini i Bardhë. It is a field river, because 2/3 of its stream passes through lowlands with an average altitude of 300-500 m.

Drini i Bardhë river

Begins in mountain Zhleb of Pejës, near to village Radavc. Close to Kukës it joins Drini i Zi that begins from Ohrid lake near Struga, creating the river Drini that flows out in river Buna, in a branch that was created after a flood in XIX century, and finally in Adriatic Sea. Due to artificial lakes that have been created, Fierza, Koman and Vau i Dejës, one part of Drini is sailable.

Krena river

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Radoniqi Lake

An artificial lake, which got its name from the village that flooded with its creation. It supplies with water around 214.000 inhabitants of the city of Gjakova and Rahovec and of surrounding villages. It is also used for irrigation of 10.500 ha of land. It is second largest lake in Kosovo in terms of surface area (5.62 km2). The capacity of its dam is 113 million m3 of water, which is sufficient for supply with water throughout the year.

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