Financial Support

Within the Municipality of Gjakova, an important role for the Foreign Investors has the Directory of Economic Development, which in addition to offering yearly grants for local businesses, they support economic development through:

  • Creating a suitable framework for sustainable local economy,
  • Setting the priorities for investments in Municipality, as well as coordinating with MEF,
  • Drafting the economic development policy, proposing measures for economic development of Municipality,
  • Drafting the global strategic plan for economic development of Municipality, in the short and long-term.,
  • Drafting conceptual plans, by specifying the economic activities with the aim to develop primary sectors, contacts with national financial institutions as well as with international financial institutions, in order to get sufficient and accurate information regarding the credit (financing) conditions to various businesses,
  • Consulting various entrepreneurs for the investment possibilities, engaging their capital into production, profitable and perspective activities,
  • Organizing and managing traditional fairs for various goods,
  • Support on organizing international conferences for the possibilities and perspectives of economic development of Municipality,
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, on the possibility of coordinating the work and activities for economic development of Municipality,
  • Cooperating with local NGOs, Economic Chamber of Gjakova and Kosovo, relevant local institutions and national institutions such as Ministry of Economic Development, to coordinate the mutual activities, reciprocal communication, information exchange, drafting reports in favor of economic development
  •  Coordinating with Internationals for the works regarding economic development of Municipality
  • Providing information and work reports for specific periods for the need of Municipal institutions,
  • Drafting developing Project Proposals for their financial implementation from the institutional fonds of Municipality, Government of donors and local/international investors,
  • Appointing commissions for professional supervision on implementing Municipal projects,
  • Fulfilling the tasks and orders appointed from the Mayor and the Assembly.

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