LPE “Stacioni i Autobusëve” J.S.C.

History of the enterprise

LPE “Stacioni i Autobusëve” J.S.C. Gjakova has been established in 1955 with its activity in transportation services, precisely the transportation of passengers in urban area, suburban area as well as the international, until 1992 when with forced measures everything sank, leaving after the war (1999) nothing but the chassis of busses, destructed and stolen inventory as well as demolishing in the facility, both in the mechanical workshop and in the Bus station.

Immediately after the war, the staff gathered to unify for the recovery of the enterprise and its reorganizing, even though the sacrifices and the lack of primary tools was prevalent.

It is worth mentioning that the enterprise is registered at Civil Administrative Office of UN in Gjakova, named “Kosovatrans Company” Gjakova with business number 80174942, which is used even today, while starting from 2002 it gets under KPA (former KTA).

As time went by, the old busses that were provided got broken to a point that due to the inability and lack of financial means to buy new ones, exercising the function of transporting passengers had to be stopped unwillingly, but what continues even to this day is the provision of services in scheduling in the Bus Station, for operators working in different lines such as suburban, inter-urban and international, using the departure from the passengers station. At any time they are provided with right service based on traveling schedules permitted by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Kosovo. Since 30.05.2012 with the Law on Public Enterprises 03/L-087 published in the official gazette no.13 of the Republic of Kosovo it was decided that municipal bus stations be in municipal ownership, thus Gjakova bus station is under the ownership of Gjakova municipality 100%.


The main purpose of the enterprise and the objectives of this plan are: 
Increase of the value of assets and
Better utilization of the capacities as well as the expansion of the activities which would increase the level of revenues in years to come.

Currently the main source of revenues for “Stacioni i Autobusëve” J.S.C. is from the payment of platforms, therefore even in the income projections for 2016 it is foreseen that the revenues from platform payments constitute 69% of the general revenues. The revenues from the rent of premises in the facility covers around 26% of the general revenues of the enterprise, whereas the compensation for electricity and water cover 4% of the general revenues, whereas the incomes from the advertisements that use the space of the building of the bus station are foreseen to be nearly 1% of the general revenues. 

Projected revenues for 2016 by activities of the enterprise have been presented in the diagram below: 


The vision is clear in terms of management of the enterprise, new capacity building in order to provide services to the citizens of our municipality, which means from our operators and all registered lines, to eliminate the weaknesses that may appear, especially during the winter season, that present difficulties for the Bus Station. All these can be achieved with a coordination for better flow of works in the station, respectively in the entry and exit of operators without any obstacles starting from the ticket issuing, the dispatcher and the gateman and the others who should achieve this.


Main goals of LPE “Stacioni i Autobusëve“ in Gjakova for 2016 are:

Retention and maximum utilization and growth of assets is the main purpose of the enterprise.
In the strategic plan, the expansion of capacities of the enterprise.
Maximizing the revenues with efficient utilization of these assets remains a priority of the enterprise.
Creation of favorable working environment.
New capacity building.

During the years to come we aim at increasing our services further with a larger number of operators as well as a supervision with regard to maintenance of the rented premises.

Contact persons in LPE “ Stacioni i Autobusëve “ J.S.C. Gjakova:
Chief Executive Officer: 0390324268; 044207343; [email protected]
Cheif Financial Officer: 044388316; [email protected]
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