The tumuli necropolis of Rogova

Village Rogova - Area

The tumuli necropolis of Rogova

The tumuli necropolis of Rogova, situated at the location known locally as the Fusha (Field), is set around 4 km southeast from the tumuli necropolis of Fshej, located on the right side of the Gjakova- Prizren road. This necropolis complex comprises 6 burial mounds, mainly in good condition and some of them where quite damaged. The site was investigated for the firot time in 1966 and then again in several other occasions in 1973, 2005 and lately in 2011. All previous researches resulted with the same outcome confirming the traces of a group of the tumulus which is based on the discovered movable archeological ma terial dating in the Middle Bronze Age (1800-1500 BC). Nevertheless, the site was reused also during the Early Iron Age, again as a necropolis. The researched burials contained very rich grave goods, which according to the researchers, were stored in the graves together with the burie persons. The grave goods were personal objects or belongings of the deceased, in most case, either, weapons, decorations, and other personal possessions of not ordinary persons.

Period: Bronze Age

Permanent protection, Date of Protection: 1966

Under termporarly protection, Date of Protection: 2012

Source: https://dtk.rks-gov.net/tkk_objekti_en.aspx?id=9454

Categories: Trashëgimia

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