The House of Selim Bakia

Small Bazaar, St. Skënderbeu

The House of Selim Bakia

The House of Selim Bakija is located in “Skënderbeu” street, the neighborhood called “Small Market”. It was built in 1910, and served for residential purposes. The building has a significant importance, as it is the birth house of Mustafa Bakija the National Liberation War (NLW) hero. The building has significant architectural values of a typical traditionally town house. The house is divided into two pats. One part was reconstructed and only few traces of the original remaining, except for a portion of the cover to the north. The other part, belonging to the owner Sutki Bakija, has undergone minor changes to adapt to contemporary life needs. It is important to emphasize that the house is characterized by interconnected spaces, a fairly well preserved wealth of ornaments, and a roof overhang of 2.20 meters , also well preserved on the section belonging to the family Bakija.

Period: Modern

Century: XX

Permanent protection, Date of Protection: E.K.nr.890/50 ,dat.08.08.1950

Source: https://dtk.rks-gov.net/tkk_objekti_en.aspx?id=8581

Categories: Trashëgimia

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