Stone house of Ahmet Islami

Dujakë village

Stone house of Ahmet Islami
The Stone house is located in the village Dujake of Gjakova and was built in the XIX century. The Stone house is typical for the “Dukagjini Valley”, which means it served for residential and fortification purposes. The premise is of traditional style. The Stone house consists of two floors, ground floor that served as a cowshed for cattle and the first floor known as family floor. The first floor of the Stone house consists of men chamber with fireplace ”voter” inside and ablution place in the hallway.
Stone house is built from stone material with dimensions larger than usual, and the corners of the Stone house were made of hewn stones. Interstitial place is made from wood beams of large dimensions and the floor is paved with planks. Access to the first floor is through external stairs from the wood material, with side wearing of panels covered with traditional tiles.
Conservation - restoration works were made in this Stone house, mainly in doors, windows and roof. Reinforcements and cramping were also made in the construction of interstitial place. This Stone house has no porch made of stone which means, that it is the oldest type of Stone houses, construction of roof is made of wood covered with traditional tiles.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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