St. Gjon Nikollë Kazazi

Church of St. Anthony is located in the “Catholics neighbourhood”, opposite to the Church of St. Paul and St. Peter in Gjakova. The first church was built in 1882 and it was named the Church of Pater Mila, but it was destroyed later. In 1931 Pater Lorenc Mazreku built the today’s church at the same place. This church was called “the sanctuary of St. Anthony of Padua” or “the Church of St. Anthony”. This church was renovated several times whereby dinning premises, offices, sanitation facilities were built considering the original architecture.
The church belongs to the type of church with a rectangular nave and double belfry. With its longitudinal axis, the Church is oriented in the west - east direction.
Entrance into the premise west and is highlighted by two belfries. The door at the entrance of the church is simple and without portal decorations ending with arc. The church consists of the narthex, and the central nave of the sacristan altar. The Interior in architectural terms is clear and visible with rectangular basis and nearly symmetrical. On the south side of the Church, there is an annex serving administration building.

Following the Nephi, there is an altar with square base which represents the dominant element of the interior composition. Belfries are located on the east side and emphasise the entrance point to the Church. Their roof is simple – four guttered. Interior of the Church today is not in its original state since in the early 90s it was subject to interventions in the church interior (new materials like marble and ceramics have been used). The facades of the church have a clean architecture not burden with details, where it is worth mentioning the semi-arc ending of openings. Another feature on this premise is that the end of each part of the premise ends with a simple décor in a regular rhythm. The window openings are arranged in a row of four windows on each side (north and south facades).

Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX, (reconstruction XX)

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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