Mustafa Vokshi’s tower from XIX century

St. Mithat Frashëri

Mustafa Vokshi’s tower from XIX century

Two storey brick tower house of S. Vokshi’s brother, Mustafai, an activist of the Albanian National League.

This is where his son was born, Beqir Vokshi, participant in anti-ottoman insurgencies  in 1910-1912 and all other popular events until 1918, when the Committee for National Protection of Kosovo was established, where he represented Gjakova as a member of the Committee, later he was elected as an assistant to the Secretary of the Committee.

He gave a great contribution in preparing statistical information, necessary for denouncing Serb terror in Kosovo.

He was a commander of the Neutral Zone of Junik until 1923.

He left some patriotic poems as manuscripts.

He was decorated with the Order for Patriotic Activities of the 1st Class.

Sabrije Vokshi, when she was still young, joined the resistance movement against Serb occupation, helping his brother, Beqir, in the Neutral Zone of Junik until 1923.

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