House of Tahir Bakalli

Çabrati Street, St. Hasan Dashi

House of Tahir Bakalli
The premise is located in a place called Çabrati street and is part of the wider area of the urban complex “Grand Charshiya” in Gjakova.
The premise is supposedly built by the end of the XVIII century and beginning of the XIX century.
The premise serves for residential purposes and belongs to the type of traditional houses. The premise consists of two floors and the basement floor (“izba” – named among the people). The foundations are made of stone material and walls of drywall combined with wood (attic). Construction within interstitial space is made of oak wood material (planks), same as the roof construction. Roof coverings are made of traditional tiles.
The house is characterised by long shelters reinforced with steep holders (testek wood) and windows protected with wooden covers.
The entrance part of the house is with closed porch system arrived at in six steps. Unlike many other houses, the interior of the premise is not very rich in wood made elements such as decorated attics and cabinets, but the uniqueness of this premise is that almost all doors and windows are original.
in 2011-2012 conservation - restoration works were carried out, turning into a condition in which it is today. Interventions were executed in improving the construction of the roof and shelter, damaged windows have been replaced and new ones were made on the basis of the original condition. A part of the wall on the east side was rebuilt and the facade is painted.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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