Çabrat Street, St. Mithat Frashëri

Great madrasah complex lies close to urban complex “Grand Charshiya” in Gjakova. Great madrasah of Gjakova for centuries was a source of knowledge and religious educational centre and a dormitory for students and imams of Kosovo. Its history is closely related to the activity of the first Midrise Veysel Efendi, who in XVII century began building the Madrasah which was completed in 1748. This centre has served knowledge for 250 years. This premise in 1912, turned into a horses byre, by the Montenegrin army. During the last war, it was burned and completely destroyed, except an external wall, which is conserved after the war.
The technique of construction of this premise is oriental architecture.
This complex consists of several other supporting facilities, dormitory, classrooms, the premise of the muezzin, fountain and mosque.
Characteristic in this complex is that we encountered different architecture and floors. All the premises in question are in the ground floor, only the premise of the muezzin is GF + 1.
Dormitory served for students, and for a short relaxation as every room has its own porch with shelter.
The classroom plays a role of the library, with architecture different from other premises, at the same time in this premise we noticed a space which is used as a dining room.

The premise of the muezzin as one of the most attractive facilities within the complex has an attractive facade with triple wooden console, a long and very detailed shelter. It also includes premises used for muezzin’s daily stay, guests reception etc. 

The mosque served for prayer, characterized by its heights and without minaret. In the South - Western corner, there was a stone Plateau with heights up to 1.20 m, which supposedly  had a function of the minaret to call the Athan (dimensions in layout were 1.0 - 1.0 m).

Near the mosque there was a closed type fountain- with four small fountains and seats around for ablutions and rest.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XVIII (Reconstruction XXI)

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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