Grand Charshiya, St. Mazllom Lakuci

The premise is located in the core of “Grand Charshiya”, exactly in the place called “Field Clock” and was built in 1597. This premise was built immediately after the construction of the “Hadum Mosque” because the rapid development of handicrafts and trade imposed the need to establish a rule that would define working hours in the cities. Clock Tower was burned in 1912 by the Montenegrin army, where the clock mechanism is removed and transferred to Montenegro. For the 100th anniversary of the premises’ demolition, MCYS in Kosovo, rebuilt premise near the existing foundations, based on photo- materials from RCCH Gjakova archive.
Dimensions of the premise are: 4.10x4.10 m (width) and the height are 30 meters.
The foundations of the old premise were built from stone, walls up to watch-over were made of combination of stone and baked brick and watch-over has been built from wood construction, covered with lead.

The new premise was built with strong material (brick and concrete), while in the western façade, original stones were placed with inscriptions from the old premise and the roof is covered with lead.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XVI (Reconstruction XXI)

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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