Traditional House of Xhafer Grezda

Grand Charshiya, St. Tahir Efendia

Traditional House of Xhafer Grezda
House of Xhafer Grezda is located within the complex “Grand Charshiya” in Gjakova. It is a typical urban house where the highest level of society used to live and is built in XIX century. This house at all times served mostly for residential purposes, having the same destination today.
The concerning premise is a two storey-height premise, whereas in the ground floor, there is an open porch and big room. The floors have living room with bathrooms (“hamamcik”) and well preserved cupboards. Living room is also characterised by attic decorated with a rosette in the middle and decor in the four corners of the attic. In the porch at the floor, characteristic votra represents a specific element of wood. Part of the garret in porch is raised to 20 cm from the rest of the floor. The house is in relatively well conditions, but in order not to damage it further, conservation - restoration works are required. The premise is built from stone and drywall material. The construction within interstitial space is from oak wood, while the floor is from the wooden deck. This premise is characterised by the triple “Ancak” in south side noticed also in two other premises in Gjakova (in Great Madrasa and traditional house of Pula family).
Even the roof structure is made from oak timber covered with traditional red tiles. Distinctive are the windows surrounded with a particular decor and large closets in the rooms that are very well preserved. While in terms of the facade in many places we have damages that need repaired. From time to time, the premise suffered changes due to non-professional interventions made by the owner. This is particularly noticed in the half from western side (the part of the owner Isa Grezda) which, in both interior and exterior is completely changed. The half of the premise on the east side preserved the original form.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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