The Tower of Sylejman Vokshi

Neighbourhood Madrasa of Ruzhdi, St. Fan.S.Noli

The Tower of Sylejman Vokshi

The Kulla (tower house) of Sylejman Vokshi is located at Madrasa Ruzhdije, at the entrance of Old Bazaar in Gjakova. The building was constructed in the early 18th century, and is notable for the birth of our hero Sylejman Vokshi, one of the founders of the Prizren League. The building has architectural values, it was built of clay bricks, natural stones, wood, lime mortar, and the roof is covered with traditional roof tiles. It is a two floor building, facing south-west, with rectangular windows. The basement is located above the ground and served for food storage. The building suffered minor transformations, especially in the interior, windows and doors.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XVIII

Permanent protection, Date of Protection: 29.04.1980-nr.02-222

Source: https://dtk.rks-gov.net/tkk_objekti_en.aspx?id=2714

Categories: Trashëgimia

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