The Tower of Hysni Koshi

Grand Bazaar, St. Ismajl Qemajli

The Tower of Hysni Koshi

The Kulla (tower house) of Hysni Koshi is located in the Big Market complex, close to the following monuments: the Tekke of Sheh Ruzhdi, the Monolith of Prizren League, the Kulla of Sylejman Vokshi, the Kulla of Avdullah Pashe Dreni. The building was erected towards the end of 19th century, in 1870, as a testimony of popular architecture, the fortified Kulla, which is a generic feature of the Dukagjini Plane. It was constructed by local Albanian craftsmen and is a characteristic of distinct architecture, representing a specific type of Dukagjini Plane. Prominent for its locked-down qualities, assuming thereby certain protective and fortifying attributes. The tower is made of natural ashlar stones of different sizes. On the upper floor, windows are semi-arched whereas on the ground floor they are rectangular. Alterations were made to the interior and partially to the exterior.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Permanent protection, Date of Protection: 10.04.1980 - nr.02-137

Source: https://dtk.rks-gov.net/tkk_objekti_en.aspx?id=8461

Categories: Trashëgimia

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