The Tower of Avdullah Pashe Dreni

Grand Bazaar, St. Ismajl Qemajli

The Tower of Avdullah Pashe Dreni

The Kulla (tower house) of Avdullah Pashe Dreni is located at the entrance of Big Market in the vicinity of the Monolith of Prizren League, the Tekke of Sheh Emini, the residence of Sulejman Vokshi, the Kulla of Koshi, the Tomb of Maxharr Pasha, all part of a precious ensemble of cultural heritage. The tower is presumed to have been built in 1790 and served as both residence and fortification (as demonstrated by a significant number of loopholes on all three floors of the tower). The tower symbolizes one of the most important events in the recent Albanian history. The most important personalities of this event were: Avdullah Pashë Dreni, pro-Ottoman member of Albanian Prizren League, and Maxharr Pasha, the Turkish Commander. During the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the tower operated as a regional museum. The Kulla possesses significant architectural values. Material and construction technique is made of natural stones and clay bricks. The Kulla has multiple windows, mostly small by construction, along with a considerable number of loopholes indicating that in addition to its use as a residence it was also employed as fortification. The Kulla is made of three floors, the ground floor made of stones and other floors made of clay bricks.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XVIII

Under termporarly protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Source: https://dtk.rks-gov.net/tkk_objekti_en.aspx?id=2615

Categories: Trashëgimia

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