Stone house of Sadik Nivokazi (Tekke of Mullah Haziri)

Nivokaz village

Stone house of Sadik Nivokazi (Tekke of Mullah Haziri)
Stone house is located in Nivokaz village, near the main road Gjakova-Junik. Stone house was built in the early years of the XIX century.
Apart from residential role, Stone house also served as Tekke (belongs to Halveti Order).
In the history, the Stone house (Tekke) played an important role, because of its closeness to Junik, where important meetings with patriots Bajram Curri, Hasan Prishtina etc., were held. 
The Stone house is built on three floors, from the stone material and features of traditional architecture. Corners of the Stone house, window frames and ancak of shelter are made of hewn stone and the rest of the walls are made of river stones of different sizes. On the ground floor, there is a space called cowshed (serves for cattle), entrance door made from oak that has a latch (mast) from inside and instead of windows there are few holes for ventilation.
On the second floor of the Stone house is reached through exterior stone stairs covered by a roof, such a conceptual solution to the stairs with thick stone walls from the side cannot be found at any other premise. On this floor, there are small rooms called cellars and serve as bedrooms. These rooms have small windows, the floor is paved with dry mortar (serves for heating), and the construction of interstitial place is of wood attics are made with wood decorations.
From the second floor to the third, one may enter through internal stairs, which lead to the men chamber or Tekke. Men Chamber has chimney, the stone gallery “dyshekllak”, sofa and attic decorated with woodwork. Roof construction of the Stone house is made of chestnut wood with steep four guttered and covered with traditional tiles.
Conservation-restoration works were made in 2010 concerning this premise.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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