Stone house of Ibish Alia

Brovina Village

Stone house of Ibish Alia
The Stone house is located in the Brovina village and is one of Stone houses with the most magnificent appearance of all premises of this type. Stone house was built in the Xix century and belongs to the type of Stone houses within Dukagjini valley.
The Stone house served for residential and fortification purposes. The Stone house is built on three floors. It has stone foundations, all the walls are of 70 cm from stone, construction within interstitial space is made of wooden beams with large dimensions, the floor is paved with planks, and roof structure is made of wood. Stones of the premise are glued with lime mortar. From the main road, on the third floor we have the open gallery “dyshekllyk”, the corner of the Stone house made of hewn stone and small windows with circular end. Stone gallery dyshekllyk shows that the Stone house belongs to the later period, since the beginning of the gallery “dyshekllyk” were made of wood. The corners of the Stone house are made of hewn stone, while the rest of the walls are made of river stones of different shapes and sizes. Many of the windows now are of bigger size due to lighting, so their present form is not the original.
At the roof of the main street, we have a skylight (exit to the roof). The main entrance to the Stone house is from the yard.
The other special part of this Stone house compared with other Stone houses is the annex of the entrance, consisting of a small gate and the big gate (big gate - which served for entrance of agricultural equipment and carts). The gates are made of hewn stones and ending with arches that give the Stone house a magnificent view from the main road. Roof of Stone house and of the portal is covered with traditional tiles.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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