Saint Pal’s and Saint Peter’s Church

St. Gjon Nikoll Kazazi

Saint Pal’s and Saint Peter’s Church
Gjakova had a Catholic religion tradition, which fluorished in the time of Gjon Nikollë Kazazit, the archbishop of Dioceza of Skopje. But, during different periods of time the number of Catholics decreased, consequently its parish often ceased from functioning. The arrival of the Albanian Catholic element form Malesia resulted in rejuvenation of Saint Peter’s church in Gjakova in 1703, while in 1851 Gjakova’s parish is rejuvenated. 

The first Gjakova parish church was in Çabrat, and later in the Catholic quarter. It was dedicated to Saint Pal and Saint Peter. In 1999 war it was totally destroyed. In the same site the new cathedral has been built.

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