Ruzhdije Mejtep – First Albanian School

Ruzhdije Mejtep, St. Fan.S.Noli

Ruzhdije Mejtep – First Albanian School
Ruzhdije Mejtep is located at a place called “Ruzhdije Mejtep” near the house of Sulejman Vokshi. The premise was built in 1810.
Firstly, the premise was used as the elementary school in Turkish language. During 1908, the learning applied for the first time in Albanian and school turned into a milestone of knowledge and learning secondary class education.
The architecture of this premise has similarities with the architecture we notice in traditional houses. The premise has the ground floor only, which is set at four staircases and located on the ground with small slope.
The material foundations of stone, while the walls of baked bricks. The construction of floors is with wood planks, while the roof is made of wood and coated with decorated wooden elements.
External appearance from the main road and river Krena is characterized by many windows placed in sequence and surrounded by wood.

During 2011, the conservation and preservation was made and all the elements ranging from roof structure, replacement of floors and attic, restoration of doors and windows in shape and design were returned to the original state. In 2013 the storm which hit the town of Gjakova led to the shelter of the premise being damaged and chimney due to an oak falling over to the premise. These damages are now repaired.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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