Qarshia e Vogël, St. Mother Theresa

Mahmut Pasha Mosque is located in the part called “Small Charshiya” in Gjakova. The premise was built in 1832-1836 by Mahmut Pasha of Gjakova’s family, Kurtpasha, a famous family, known in all Albanian territories.
The position of the premise, gives a magnificent view to the mosque. Based on the spaces of this premise, except religious rites, the parts facing the square, there are some offices that serve for administrative work.
Given the size of the premise in layout, this premise can be characterised among the largest premises of its kind. The mosque has two entrances: the main entrance is located on the north side of the premise, where begins the porch with a triem set up in two stone staircase and walls decorated with frescoes. Entrance into Samahane is portal with many decorations and colours. Samahane itself contains all the characteristic elements owned by Mosque as pulpit, mihrab, mahvilli, qyrsa and many frescoes, some oriental and some other made later. Samahane is covered with a magnificent dome, based on pendant and numerous decorations.
Secondary entrance is from the street and serves as access to administrative part of the mosque, while there are shops on both side of the entrance.
A specific thing for this premise are twelve ordered windows in the main facade (to the east), characterized by a ram of wood as a special design. In the south facade, we have only four two rectangular openings and two other ending in arches and a small round. There is a shelter that reaches the length of 2 m, and worn with wooden panels.
The Minaret with two Sharafs completes the imposing mosque’s appearance, since it is unique in the region. The minaret is made of stone material, but for the moment is with facade.
The materials used in the mosque are: stone in the ground floor, and the floor is made of drywall. The construction of the dome and roof are made of quality material with oak.

In 1993 there were some partial interventions made on the facade and wood surface is dyed in order to protect the premise.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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