House of Ismet Zhaveli

Çabrati Street, St. Mithat Frashëri

House of Ismet Zhaveli
House of Ismet Zhaveli is located in the “Grrand Charshiya” and is built in the XIX century. This premise served for housing, which function is today as well.
It belongs to the range of traditional urban houses. It is kind of square porch house, built on two floors. Foundations are made of stone, walls of drywall. The style of construction is bondruck, mud with wooden attic. Construction of the floor and the roof is made of wood and covered with traditional tiles. The walls are solidified and painted. Porch is situated on two pillars, a specific thing distinguishing it from other types of porches for this type of premise, are square profiles in the corner of the porch, as well as in the corners of the premise, while areas that mark the division between floors have décor in form of (braid). Another characteristic of this house is the wood profiles between two pillars in a lobby (opposite the main entrance). Porch is decorated with arabesques. The floor, ceiling, doors and windows are made of wood.
 During 2013 - 2014, it was intervened with conservation measures - restoration, paying utmost care preserving the original elements. The works were carried out on the facade of the premise, to the shelter whilst when it comes to the interior, conservation was made to the porch and a new bathroom was built.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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