House of Ali Vokshi

Çabrati Street, St. Mithat Frasheri

House of Ali Vokshi
The premise is located at a place called “Çabrati Street”, close to the historic part of “Grand Charshiya”. It is assumed that the premise is built in the XVIII century, during (1770-1775).
This house served mainly for housing; however it played an important role in the historical aspect, given that other prominent activists such as Mustafa Vokshi (brother of Sylejmann Vokshi activist of the League of Prizren) were born there. Son of Beqir Vokshi was also born there, a participant in anti-ottoman uprisings 1910-1912 and in all sensational events until 1918 where the National Committee for the Protection of Kosovo is established.
Storey-height of the stone house is a ground floor and floors. The foundations are made of stones. Walls are made of baked bricks linked with limestone mortar, construction of interstitial space is made of oak timber beams whereas the roof construction has main holders made of oak wood and rafters are made from chestnuts. The roof is covered with traditional tiles. Shelter of the stone house is also made of baked bricks emerged in “Ancak” in five combined rows according to “wolf tooth” type. The layout of the premise is rectangular with a magnificent view provided by a steep terrain and entrance to the premise is made by an elevated plateau of five stairs. The ground floor in its composition has a living room, family members’ room with kitchen and the sanitary node. Initially the chamber of men and a bedroom were located there which later turn into bedrooms is adjusting to the needs of the family. Changing the destination of space led to changes of original interior elements. Architectural features of the premise appear in the main facade, with   numerous openings (windows) and an “Ancak” (imitation of porch - outside 20cm) in the middle of the premises. The windows on the ground floor and Ancak are rectangular shaped while other floor windows end up in arc shape. 

During 2010-2011 conservation work was performed - restoration funded by MCYS of Kosovo under the supervision of RCCH- Gjakova, preserving all the architectural values of the premise.

Period: Ottoman

Century: XVIII

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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