Grand Charshiya, St. Qazim Bakalli

In the location where once Hadum aga had built an inn, today two catering facilities with autochthonous architecture can be found
Most of the time, the premises served as the guesthouse (hotel), where travellers arriving in the city for commerce, sleep, fed and in the courtyard of the premise (caravanserais), left animals, which they used for transport. Ami Bue mentioned it in 1835, as the beautiful Haraqija and Islam Aga guesthouse in Gjakova. In 1838, Miller mentioned the guesthouse and caravanserais in Gjakova, which housed up to 100 guests, merchants with their pets. Today Han serves as a hotel premise and for different events. The complex is made up of old guesthouse, in the west and new guesthouse in the east.
Old guesthouse supposed to be built after the construction of the Hadum Mosque while New Hani was built in 1901. Old Hani is built on two floors, the ground floor is built with stone and floor and attic of baked bricks. The premise consists of the porch, which is located in the entire length of the Han with a porch in the midst with large dimensions. Ground floor is composed of open “triem” of oak wood pillars, based on the decorated stones. All the attics are decorated with carved wood, and the internal spaces of the Han are decorated with traditional urban style.
Hani is built on two floors, ground floor from stone and floor from baked bricks. Construction of interstitial space is from wooden planks, as well as roof structure is made of wood with long shelter, and covered with traditional tiles. The old Guesthouse premise is characterized the structural of interstitial space as well as the porch pillars are distinguished for large dimensions they have. New Guesthouse in the internal spaces preserved traditional urban style decorations. Located at the intersection of the main road to the road of “Kutixhinjëve” Haraqija Guesthouse complex gets an imposing and dominant view. In 2005 conservation works are carried out as in the interior as well as exterior within new Guesthouse premises.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XVII, XIX.

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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