Gerqar Neighbourhood, St. Bajram Curri

Gërqar Mosque as it can be concluded from its name, it belongs to “Gërqar neighbourhood”, which is situated near Çabrat. According to the data we possess this mosque was built in 1907 by local builders.
The layout of the premises is in regular geometric shapes (two right rectangles, one bigger, and another smaller), and it is situated alongside the main street.
The premise was constructed from stones and backed bricks, with roof construction of quality wood. In the interior we may find all the characteristic elements for this premise such as: samahane, pulpit, mihrab, mahvilli, qyrsa and porch.
The windows on the ground floor are of larger dimensions than those of the floor, but both types end up in arc shape. In the arc shaped stone over the main entrance we found some inscriptions in ottoman language. In the south of the Mosque there is an old grave surrounded with metal fence.
Specific from other mosques is the outer appearance, which is made of regular geometric figures, although there is no record of when exactly they were made. The minaret of the mosque is a stone although it is currently covered with Mortar layer. On the main gate of the mosque recently a cover of wood construction is built.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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