Bektashi’s Tekke

St. Qazim Bakalli

Bektashi’s Tekke


The old complex of the Bektashis’ Tekke in Qerimi neighborhood comprised of two buildings, but due to urban reasons, it was transferred to Hadumi neighborhood, where the necessary adaptations take place.

There used to be a library that was rich with rare books and manuscripts in Albanian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, etc. Some of them were writings from the fathers of this tekke such as Adem Haxhi Babai, who wrote under the nickname “Vexhhi”, Baba Hamza, Baba Qazim Bakalli etc. There were also the writings of the Istanbul Society and of Frashëri brothers.
On May 7, 1999 the building was burnt together with the library with 1700 books, 180 of which were original-unique writings.

Categories: Trashëgimia

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