Baba Ali Tekke

Hanka neighbourhood, St. Mithat Frashëri

Baba Ali Tekke
Baba Ali Tekke is located at a place called “Hanka neighbourhood” and was built in the early XIX century by Mullah Cena. The premise in question belongs to the type of Islam religious premises and it is the centre of the Shazeli Order, which is found only in Gjakova.
The complex is composed of residential part and tombs. It is considered one of the best preserved monuments, although all with their own investment.
A particular value in this monument is the Tomb, which is preserved in the original, with a grandiose dome in its interior but recently frescoes in the dome began to deteriorate. Part of the residence, according to the owner is not its original state. Firstly, before approximately 85 years, the whole premise was just on the ground floor, and in the waiting room in the middle of the room, there was a large dome, but as the family has been increased in number, then it is demolished and two floors were built. Even today a room of this premise is intended for performing religious rites of Tekke members. The walls are from mud, construction of interstitial space is made from wood and limestone facade mortar which are well preserved. Entrance doors and windows are not in their original form, as the same were replaced in order to improve living conditions, respectively the level of lightning, besides the Tomb where they are preserved as they were.


Period: Ottoman

Century: XIX

Under temporary protection, Date of Protection: October-2012

Categories: Trashëgimia

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